Restored Trouble Lamp 2

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"Our second restoration of another unique and rustic trouble lamp."

The Creative Journey

In early 2020 while venturing around the Berry Markets on the NSW South Coast, we came across a seller whom had this trouble lamp and of a similar style and vintage as was found in Canberra, in 2019.

Coincidently, it was during the restoration process of this second trouble lamp that provided the motivation to restore the previous lamp at the same time.

For this lamp, we needed some addition components including some cloth cable which we ordered from Edison Light Globes on 15th July 2020.

While we waited for the arrival of the order of parts from Melbourne, we pushed on with the restoration of the previous trouble lamp, and hence designated Lamp No.17 and was the first to be lit on 15th July 2020.

This second lamp that was assembled and completed on 20th July 2020 and designated as Lamp No.18.

The treatment of the wood handle and cage was the same per the previous lamp.

For this lamp, we installed a Brown Canvas pully style cable as a point of difference.

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