Our Story

Flavio Spedalieri

In the latter half of 2016, Flavio Spedalieri was looking for a unique style of lamp featuring the antique filament globes, exploring the designs of commercial lamps and with some ideas at hand, there was nothing that really stood out, as such the search continued...

Flavio has a love for unique scientific apparatus, electrical devices, Lasers, Optics and High-voltage studies. The works of Tesla, Edison, Geissler, Crooks, Da Vinci and many others would influence the designs of beautiful, unique lamps featuring the warmth of the antique filament Edison light globes that have become available and synonymous with the industrial age of steam and electricity. A further influence in Flavio's works comes from the 1700s-1800s and the age of the industrial revolution and development of steam power and the discovery of electricity. Many discoveries, experiments and apparatus of the time had a charm and appeal that contrasts today's apparatus.

Further inspired by café lighting designs and pipe-lamps, Flavio began to research available lighting designs, materials and electrical components that would fit within the design element of the old days of industry, steam and electricity. A particular genre that is a fusion of aesthetic design and science, inspired by the industrial revolution is “steampunk”.

The first Bespoke Steampunk inspired table lamp was lit On the 17th November 2016, which has become a catalyst for further lamps being created.

Following the completion of the first lamp, Flavio has gone onto create a portfolio of beautiful bespoke hand-crafted pieces which in themselves are all very unique and feature elements of wood, glass, metal, mechanical and electrical components. Our most popular series, is our Glass Insulator pendants and our strictly limited edition Tap Lamps. Our pieces feature reclycled / repurposed materials.

Enigma Lamps Logo

As our collection of lamps was growing, an idea came mind to look into a logo design to distinguish our creation.

For our logo design, we entrusted Emma of Lulu + Peach Stationary. to assist in coming up with a simple, clean design... Our logo was born.

Flavio Spedalieri, is a service engineer (medical imaging instruments) and award-winning Australian photographer with backgrounds in I.T, electronics, High-Voltage Devices, lasers and even coffee / machinery and which his projects featured on Nightlase Technologies website.

To view Flavio's photographic works, please visit Flavio R. Spedalieri Photography.